XS-Automotive is designed to manage and enhance the efficiency of Vehicle Showrooms, Mechanical Workshops, and Spare Parts Centers. XS-Automotive is a complete automotive solution that manages your every record of Spare Parts i.e from Purchase Order to Goods Receive Notes and Vehicle Appointments till Service and Billing to customer.

The architecture allows users to make Repair Order on Tablet/iPad or any portable device. This feature helps Service Advisor to move anywhere in the workshop and enter live data while receiving the vehicle from the customer on Tablet/iPad.


We know our Automotive software will improve your customer retention, helping you gain the service sales advantage. XS-Automotive service modules include automatic reminders and promotional materials that are available to be sent via SMS or email.


Administrative Dashboard.

Dynamic setup management

Build and keep an accurate service history for vehicles & customers

Accurate Service reporting for management

Create accurate customer invoices and match them to all job costs

Automatic reminders email or SMS

Mechanic jobs schedule

Controlling and tracking of every job.

Parts inventory and stocktake

Create repair orders

Automated creating of Parts request

Barcoding for parts and services


Management reports

Inventory reports

Job Progress Control Board